Every CMS site needs a Blog section. WP Blog and widgets, manage and display blog, date archives, widget on your website. You can display the latest blog post on your homepage/frontpage as well as in inner page.

Installation help and support

This plugin add a Blog custom post type, blog widget to your WordPress site. WP Blog adds a Blog tab to your admin menu, which allows you to enter Blog post just as you would regular posts.

This WordPress blog plugin contains two short code

1) Display Blog in a page (list view and grid view)
[blog limit="10"]
2) Display Latest blog on Homepage/Frontpage in list view and grid view
[recent_blog_post limit="3" grid="3"]

Finally, the plugin adds a Recent Blog Post widget which can be placed on any sidebar available in your theme. You can set the title of this list and the number of blog posts to show.

To know more and download> Go to WordPress.org

Check Demo Here

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